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Dave Grohl – Drummer for the Foo Fighters

Born in Ohio in 1969 and raised in Virginia, David Grohl (Dave) has many talents to his credit, including drummer. Grohl is a musician at heart and plays drums, and guitar, as well as being a singer. He is also a songwriter, record producer and even a movie director, making him one of a few multi-talented public figures of note today.

Dave Grohl

Grohl knew what he wanted to do from a very early age, learned to play guitar and formed his first band at the age of 10. School was nothing but a deterrent to Grohl getting his musical career under way and so he dropped out and began playing with the hardcore band Scream. He was introduced to punk rock in the early days of his career.

Wanting to progress his career to another level Grohl auditioned for the band Nirvana and was successful. The band was impressed with Grohl’s hard hitting style and thought he would be a perfect addition. Grohl toured with Nirvana several times and appeared on three of their albums. During Grohl’s time with Nirvana he lived with Cobain and dated Jennifer Finch who was one of the members of the all-girl alternative band L7. The band enjoyed a successful career until the untimely death of Kurt Cobain (1994). Sadly Cobain did not live to see the band win a Grammy Award that same year.

Cobain’s death sealed the fate of Nirvana and after a time of reflection it became obvious that the demise of Nirvana opened up the perfect opportunity for Grohl to take all of his experience and knowledge and pour it into his own band. That is how Foo Fighters began and Grohl became frontman, initially being the only member of the band, playing most of the instruments and singing on the debut album of the same name in 1995. Much of the material was songs Grohl had written while with Nirvana.

When touring he brought along bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith who had both formerly been with Sunny Day Real Estate, and Pat Smear to play guitar. The first full band album was released in 1997, with Taylor Hawkins replacing Goldsmith who had quit under somewhat tense circumstances by this time. The album was a success and so it was a natural progression for the band to work on another one. 2000 saw the release of their second album, closely followed by a Grammy Award in the same year.

Grohl has been married twice. His first marriage was to photographer Jennifer Youngblood and lasted approximately 3 years (1994 to 1997) Grohl is currently married to Jordyn Blum, a successful television producer. Besides his great passion for his music, Grohl spends his time and energy on his wife, and his three children. The couple has been married since 2003 and Grohl continues to write songs and perform with the Foo Fighters as their lead vocalist and lead guitarist.