RoR London


London RoR is taking a (long / permanent) break, after 15+ years.

There are, however, still open practices every Wed (7pm - 9pm) in Tottenham Chances (TChances)

Cheers and thanks for the journey so far!

Here's the old blurb:

Rhythms of Resistance is a network of drum bands who play at demonstrations and direct actions that fall within the broad definition of 'anti-capitalist'.

From Prague to Barcelona to Holland to France to good old Blighty, we've been around for a good while now and have spawned various 'sister-bands' throughout Europe and, indeed, the world.

We consist of a fluid number of members from all walks of life who have an interest in empowerment for themselves and others, and in maintaining the energy of solidarity and of creative action against the interwoven constructs of those who feel like they need to suppress the humans and other animals of this beautiful planet.

Whilst people often refer to us as a 'Samba Band' we actually have more affinity with the Afro Bloc parading drum bands that emerged in the mid 70s in Salvadore, Bahia in Brazil. Bands such as Ile Aye and Olodum formed as a politcal expression. Coming out of some of the poorest urban communities, Afro blocs became a mobilising focus on picket lines and marches. As they put it, they played as "a force of resistance and source of self confidence".

The growth of schools of Samba both in Brazil and all over the world since the 80's, is largely a result of the commercialisation of this culture of resistance. Rhythms of Resistance formed as part of the UK Earth First action against the IMF / World Bank in Prague in September 2000. A Pink and Silver carnival bloc, focused around a 55 piece band, detached itself from a march of 67000 and outmanouvered police resources defending the IMF annual summit. With an international 'black bloc' and a large contingent from the Italian movement, 'Ya Basta', three diverse forms of direct action worked towards a common goal and resulted in the shut down of the IMF summit.

With bands forming globally, an international RoR network of percussive resistance to the march of capitalism is now emerging. Street carnival is the vital component of protest and life and fun - use your imaginations, connect and network, build instruments and costumes, learn our tunes and distribute them noisily through the world!!