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Tower: London’s Best Kept Secret Band

TLondon photoower, a rock and roll band consisting of four members, began its journey in London and still remains there playing to the locals when not on tour both around the UK and internationally.
Started by Debbie Allen and her then boyfriend Charlie Madison (now husband), the band Tower started as ‘somewhat of a lark’ as Debbie is often heard to say when asked how it all began. She and Charlie were in their favorite local tavern when a local band began to play. After listening for a few minutes the couple determined that between them they could do a better job of singing and performing than the band on stage.

During a half-time break Charlie, who was friends with the tavern owner, requested that he and Debbie be given a few minutes to sing a couple of songs. When the pair began to sing, Debbie on lead vocals with Charlie on guitar, the patrons responded enthusiastically. From that night’s “lark” Tower came into existence, although it was several months before the band became a four piece.

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The tavern’s owner had an opening for a live performance and offered the couple the opportunity to put a set or two together and perform professionally. Though Debbie and Charlie had often sung as a duet in the privacy of their London flat they had not performed in public except on that one occasion, so it took some effort to come up with sufficient material to fill two sets.
The name Tower came from the historic landmark Tower of London and was quickly chosen when the couple realized that calling themselves Debbie and Charlie would not suffice as a name to use for their performance at the tavern. Though it may have been chosen without much serious thought the pair grew to like the name.

After their tavern performance it quickly became apparent that in order to perform as well as they would like, they would need another guitarist and a drummer. Though they had very little funds they invited auditions for the positions with the promise of splitting any earnings from performance 4 ways (after expenses if any). With no shortage of budding musicians in London they were soon deluged with applications.

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The first guitarist they offered the position to declined when he realized that the money offered would not be enough to live on, at least in the early days. Unfazed by this turn of events the couple returned to the applications and began to select another possible candidate. While going through the applications Charlie discovered that there was another husband and wife team who had applied, the wife as the guitarist and the husband for the position of drummer.

Seeing this turn of events as an interesting opportunity the husband and wife team were invited to audition together. The comfort and ease in which the couple interacted with each other both musically and as husband and wife appealed greatly to Debbie and Charlie, and by consensus the positions were offered to Sylvia Lomas and Robbie Dayton. Tower was now a four piece band and could play bigger and better venues and events.

Tower plays covers for weddings and similar events, but where their true strength lies is in the collaborative efforts of Robbie and Charlie, the songwriters of the band. Recently Tower released their first album, which was well received both in London and abroad. The future of the band appears to be looking good.