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Travis Barker – Drummer for Blink 182

Born in 1975 in Fontana, California Travis Barker is a man of many talents, with experience both as a musician and a producer. He is best known as the drummer for Blink 182, but has been involved with several bands over the years, and began two of them himself. His love of drumming began at a very early age.

Barker has not only extensively drummed but also turned his hand to founding a clothing line and his own record label. He has also starred in a MTV reality series based on his family Meet the Barkers. Following his recovery from a plane crash Barker went on to release a solo album entitled Give the Drummer Some.

We just wanted to write a bunch of songs that we thought were good songs.

Barker’s relationships with women appear to be tumultuous at best. His first marriage was to Melissa Kennedy and lasted only 9 months before Barker decided to file for divorce. Two years later Barker took the leap into his second marriage, wedding actress and former Miss USA titleholder (1995) Shanna Moakler. Moakler was the former girlfriend of championship boxer Oscar De La Hoya and brought the child she had with Oscar into her relationship with Barker. Becoming a step-parent set the course for Barker to then father two children with Moakler. It was this family unit that became stars of the MTV series Meet the Barkers.

This marriage was destined to be short too, with the couple filing for divorce barely two years after tying the knot. The divorce was announced publicly on MySpace, with both parties airing their differences for everyone to read. Though divorce proceedings may have begun the couple was occasionally seen together acting as if all was right with their marriage. Rumors were rife that the couple had in fact reunited and were trying to work through their differences, with one rumor even going as far as to suggest that a baby was on the way. After a lot of speculation, gossip and rumor-spreading about the couple’s on again off again marriage the divorce was finalized in 2008.

Six years later police had occasion to respond to a report that Barker and Moakler were engaged in a heated exchange that included threats of a criminal nature. Due to the threats being made to each other police arrested them both, but no formal charges were ever laid. Today the couple co-parent amicably.

Towards the end of 2015 Barker engaged in a brief relationship with actress/singer Rita Ora but after dating for only three short weeks they broke up.

While Barker’s appearance may give some people cause to think he lives a less-than-ideal lifestyle he is in fact a vegan, and takes his health seriously to the point that he has invested in a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles (Crossroads). He is also a man of faith, being raised as a Catholic, and passes his love of God onto his children through regular prayer sessions with them.

His heavily tattooed body includes some of a religious nature, namely one of a cross and the words Jesus Christ.

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